Glossary of Terms and Key

Ever notice how people in the know always use special terminology, acronyms and jargon to describe things that are happening?  Yeah it bugs me too, but the truth is I am certain I'll find myself doing the same thing from time to time.  So I've created this page as a guide to the acronyms, abbreviations and jargon I find myself using on the blog!

Please let me know if you see me using any terms you'd like to see added:

Conf. - abbreviation of conference, in this case the Big Sky.  All teams play games in conference as well as non conference games.  The non conference games have a big impact on strength of schedule and potentially on NCAA rankings / tournament seeding.
RPI - Rating Percentage Index, used by the NCAA in both Baseball and Basketball to rank teams by strength of schedule it takes into account how well a team fares against teams of varying strength.
Ast - Assist, a stat accumulated by passing the ball to a player who subsequently scores.
Reb - Rebound, a stat accumulated by gathering in loose balls after an errant shot.
Blk - Block, a stat accumulated by physically blocking a player's shot.
STL - Steal, a stat  accumulated for taking the ball from the opposing team while it is being possessed by a player
PTS - Points
TO - Turn Over - a stat accumulated when giving the ball away to the opposing team by having the ball stolen, double dribbling, an errant pass or other error.
FG - Field Goal, any points scored from anywhere on the court with the exception of Free Throws.
FT - Free Throw, shots awarded to the opposing team for fouls.
3PT - Three point field goal, awarded for successfully making a shot from beyond the three point arc.
Redshirt- Designation that preserves year of eligibility.  More information available here. -->