Thursday, December 11, 2014

EWU Eagle Eye Player of the Week: Week 4 2014-2015

Good morning Eagle Fans!  I'm wrapping up my classes for the semester this week, thank goodness the Eagles break in the schedule matched up.  Tonight the Eagles will visit San Francisco and look to continue the best start in their NCAA DI history.

Before I get onto that game however, it is time for the Week 4 EWU Eagle Eye Player of the Week.  Click through the break to read more.

Venky Jois wins back to back to back Eagle Eye POW honors
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I was very tempted to give the nod to Drew Brandon for his selfless play and strong double-double.

But in the end, Venky Jois, simply did too much to help this team.  38 points, 7 rebounds, 3 blocks, 2 steals and just one personal foul against Seattle U.  It's not just the huge scoring number, it's how he managed it.  those 38 points include 12 of 15 from the Free Throw line.

Venky had been 10 of 29 from the FT line going into week 3, since then he's gone 22 of 28.  Making the other team pay for fouling him is critical to this team's success.  Consider the team's sole loss this season at SMU.  The Eagles missed 8 combined FT's and SMU hit 15 of 16.  The Eagles lost by 9.

Jois continues to extend his school record for career blocked shots at 137 as well.