Friday, November 22, 2013

New to EWU Sports but loving it so far, and a bit about me……

I am an avid sports fan; okay a sports nut, from the Central Texas area. I have been a lifelong die hard San Antonio Spurs and Texas Longhorns hoops fan. It started with watching George ‘The Iceman’ Gervin with the Spurs and the Abe Lemon years that put the Longhorn program on the map. I think I just dated myself with those two references but that is how long I have been in love with b-ball. Now I find myself drawn to EWU Basketball due to my good friend and fellow blogger.

I started watching EWU Basketball last season (hard to do in Texas) and found that after watching “I just wanna shoot the rock even if I am 2 for 20” NBA and the Top 25 ref biased NCAA ‘Power Conferences’ it was smoother than Billy Dee Williams. It was quite refreshing to watch players with heart leaving it all out on the floor every game. The hustle and fundamental basketball I grew up on and grew to love is still there in Eastern Washington. I immediately added EWU basketball to my ESPN App sports favorites and have been all in ever since.

This year I have decided to add my evaluations and comments to this blog. I cannot say I have years of EWU basketball experience to draw from (yet), but I do believe that my love of the game in general and years of following it will lend an outside perspective.

So here’s to EWU basketball and the love of the game! GO EAGLES!

John the Sports Fan