Saturday, November 23, 2013

EWU Eagles Post Game Insights from a Sports Fan

Last night’s EWU Basketball game had the unfortunate timing of being on while the San Antonio Spurs were playing. But since I currently have three TV’s in my living room along with a laptop and my tablet it wasn’t that big of a deal. I do admit to starting the night with the Spurs game on the main TV and the EWU game on the smaller one……muted.

The Eagles seemed to come out a little sluggish in this one and were playing down to their opponents’ level. I figured this one to be, while not easy, a victory none the less as EWU had greater over talent and a deeper bench.  Now when Boston U swingman D.J. Erving hit a three with about 9 minutes left in the first half to put them up 24-17, suddenly my superstition mode set in. I immediately put the EWU game on the main screen gave each dog a biscuit (told them to cheer for EWU) and put on my Seahawks beanie. What do the Hawks have to do with EWU basketball you ask? Absolutely nothing. It’s just my only article of clothing from a Washington State team so I used it in a pinch.

I started immediately started texting more than a TMZ reporter who has spotted Beiber. Phrases such as “need to be close at the half” and “let’s keep this to single digits and we got this” were sent. It was another tense 6 minute span as the Eagles kept creeping up…. And then it happened. A dunk, a turnover caused by EWU and then a jumper and with 4 quick points EWU’s own Venky Jois gave us the lead. And we all know there was no turning back then.

With a halftime lead of 5 the Eagles then went on to control the tempo and play of the second half. There were a few times when Boston U made a run but nothing the Eagles could not counter. The second half EWU bench production was a nice to see with Ognjen Miljovic leading the way. When he hit that three to put the Eagles up by 10, I was all like “Game baby!” Yes there was still about 13 minutes left, but it just felt like the proverbial nail in the coffin.

I cannot wait to watch tonight’s match-up and the rest of the EWU Eagles season. I’ll be giving my thoughts on that one tomorrow also. EWU stoked the fires of why I all love to watch good basketball. GO EAGLES!

Oh yea......and when I remembered that the Spurs were on to.....they had also won.

John the Sports Fan