Thursday, October 18, 2012

EWU Basketball Links for Thursday 10-18-2012

Collin Chiverton (#24) taking on the Cougs
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Good Morning Eagle Fans!  Its a light news day for the Eagles in particular, but there is a lot of College Basketball News out there to consume you.

Stick around after the break to find out:

First stop on this morning's tour is a swing by for a look at the Eagles participation in the CBE Hall of Fame Classic, which gives them a chance to play 4 non-conference road games early this season.

The next few stops can all be found at the NBC College Basketball Talk Page.  Check out their schedule of previews for the upcoming season.  They've got Gonzaga ranked #19 heading into the season.  Finally, courtesy of Troy Machir (follow him on twitter @troymachir), check out his daily links, "The Morning Mix"

Moving along to another major sports network, the CBS College Basketball page previews the Big Sky Conference and predicts a fourth place finish for the Eagles.

Swing south to Kevin McCarthy's Norcal Basketball blog for a look at all things basketball in Northern California including tracking current Eagles Collin Chiverton and Ivan Dorsey.

Be sure to check out our updated Player Profile on Collin Chiverton (#24).

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