Monday, March 19, 2012

Kevin Winford (#23) Season Retrospective and Outlook for 2012-2013

Kevin Winford
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Kevin Winford, the 5’10” guard from Anchorage, AK had a difficult season, especially after injuring his tongue against Cal State Fullerton on December 11th.  Prior to that game Winford was averaging 3.6 pts, 1 rebound, and 0.9 assists in just under 15 minutes per game.  Following that injury Winford was limited to 1.6 pts, 0.5 assists and 0.2 rebounds in just 8 minutes per game.

Winford was squeezed out of the rotation by injury and the strong play of Collin Chiverton, Cliff Colimon, Jeffrey Forbes and Parker Kelly, but he has the ability to be a prolific scorer and the ball skills to help run the offense.  In the 2010-2011 season Winford was third on the team in total points scored with 296 for an average of 9.9 pts per game which inlcuded 39 pts against New Hope Christian and 28 pts against the University of Idaho.  Winford can hit from beyond the arc and he can penetrate for the dunk as well, like he did this season against Linfield on December 8th.   “The best play of the night was Kevin’s drive and dunk down the lane – that was pretty emphatic,” Eastern head coach Jim Hayford said. “He’s a very athletic player and we want him to show it. That was an example of it. He’s just a great young man – a tremendous student and a great leader. He’s a business major, and some business will be really glad to hire him some day. I just think the world of him. I promise you he’ll be showing his grandkids that dunk someday.”

Winford hopes to be more involved
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With good health, Kevin can step up and be a solid 6th man for next years Eagle squad providing good balance off the bench at either the 1 or 2 spots.  With more time on the court you can expect Winford to get back towards his career shooting percentage near 38% as opposed to the 36% he shot this year.