Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jaylen Henry (#34) Season Retrospective and Outlook for 2012-2013

Jaylen Henry
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Jaylen Henry is a 6’7” Sophomore Forward who found himself near the bottom of the Eagles depth chart this season.  Competing with Cliff Ederaine (#42), Laron Griffin (#15), Collin Chiverton (#24), Tremayne Johnson (#20) and Jordan Hickert (#25) all getting time in the forward positions for the Eagles, it is not difficult to understand why Henry had trouble cracking the lineup.  Henry made appearances in 17 of the Eagles game this season collecting 12 rebounds, 2 pts, 1 assist and 1 steal in a combined 35 minutes of play time.

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Jaylen played 4 big minutes for the Eagles against Portland State in late February with Laron Griffin and Jordan Hickert in foul trouble very early he snagged a rebound and a steal both of which set up chances for Eastern to score.

From what little I’ve seen Jaylen looks like a solid defender and with another season of practice should compete for the starting lineup next season.  He has shown solid rebounding ability in limited chances and has taken care of the ball with zero turnovers in his opportunities as well.  Of course it is very hard to project a player’s future stats, especially so when that player hasn’t been on the court much, but I do know that if Jaylen gets 20 to 30 minutes a game and pulls in 8 to 12 rebounds and can provide a little offense in the post any team would be happy to have him.

The Eagles have a big void to fill at the forward spots going into next year and we should expect that Jaylen Henry will fill some of that, and that he’ll do it well.  If you want to hear some validation listen to Coach Hayford’s post game interview with Dennis Patchins from