Tuesday, March 13, 2012

EWU Eagles Head Coach Jim Hayford talks BBall with EWU Eagle Eye

Coach Jim Hayford
photo from goeags.com
Good Morning Eagles fans!  Last night I had the chance to talk with Coach Hayford about his first season as Head Coach of the Eastern Washington Eagles.  We talked for several minutes and covered a variety of topics including, the success of this season, recruiting and some of the Coach’s plans for the program through the off season and heading into next year.

Coach launched right into everything, so I missed a little of his comments before the recording starts and unfortunately the audio isn’t perfect, so I will work on that for future editions.  So keep with me after the break to find the audio file:

Coach opened up talking about the success he felt the program had from developing the players, including his thoughts and hopes for the Eagle basketball camps that he held last summer and plans to hold this summer.  He touches briefly on the differences between D1 basketball and the D3 ball he coached at Whitworth.

Coach really got into the progression of the season about the 2:30 mark where he breaks down the success the Eagles had early shooting from the outside and playing really hard.  He notes the difficulties created by the Eagles foul trouble.  Coach breaks down the balance that the Eagles struggled to find until the final stretch where suddenly teams found they couldn’t just load up outside to stop the Eagles.

“In the final 20-25% of the season we developed that interior post presence and now we had a more diverse attack that we could do one of three different things on each possession, “ said Coach.  “And a lot of that credit goes to Laron [Griffin] for his development down the stretch.”

I don’t want to give away the whole audio segment, so I’ll leave you to listen at your leisure:

I asked Coach Hayford at the end of our conversation if we could expect to see him on Twitter anytime soon, and while he’s not ready to make the jump he did seem open to the idea.  I will keep working on that and hopefully we can get Coach tweeting with us before the season starts.