Friday, March 2, 2012

EWU Eagle Eye Links for Friday Morning

EWU Honored their Seniors Tuesday Night
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Good Morning Eagle Fans!  We managed to make it to Friday through an exciting week featuring a dominating victory for EWU Basketball, an epic showdown to determine the Big Sky Conference regular season champions, as well as finding out all of the Big Sky Conference individual award winners including a pair of Eagles.

So since I’ve started the links in the first paragraph, my transition may not make as much sense, but lets get on with this mornings jaunt across the interenet after the break:

Jon at offers previews of Saturday’s big sky match ups: Montana State @ Portland State and Idaho State @ Eastern Washington.

Head over to and check out their recap of Tuesday night’s game and their preview of Saturday afternoon’s quarterfinal contest, “The great thing about playing a team three times in a season is that it means you are in the postseason,” said Eastern head coach Jim Hayford. “It is something that I want our team to experience regularly. It is a little different because there is a lot of familiarity between the two teams. And that is where you need to have a lot of wisdom.”

For all the audio highlights of Tuesday night’s game head over to as well as an interview with Cliff Colimon embedded below:

Ben Kaplan of explains where to get your tickets for Saturday’s game.  The Eagles and Coach Hayford* hope Resse Court fills up, so go get your tickets!

Jim Allen of the Spokesman Review offers a quick recap of how the Eagles clinched home-court advantage for the first round and a quick preview of the upcoming contest.

Also be sure to check out the EWU Eagle Eye Player of the Week write up on Laron Griffin (#15), as well as our write up on Collin Chiverton (#24) being selected Conference Newcomer of the Year, Chiverton and Cliff Colimon (#11) being honored on the Big Sky All Conference Team and of course Colimon’s selection as Co-Big Sky Conference Player of the Week.

That’s it for now, but I’ll get the preview for tomorrow’s game up tonight!

*Edit: looks like I left out a key phrase, previously read: The Eagles and Coach Hayford fills up, so go get your tickets.