Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sears BracketBuster: EWU Eagles @ UC Irvine Halftime Report

Although I missed the first 9 minutes of the game trying to get a video feed, it seems that the Eagles came out , if not hot, at least competitive.  Largely the Eagles did this on the back of their leading scorer Collin Chiverton (#24) who lead the way with 16 pts in the half.  Cliff Colimon (#11) added 11 points for the Eagles. As expected the Anteaters and the Eagles were mostly happy to bomb away from long distance with five 3 pointers a piece in the first half.  

Kevin Winford (#23) got to see some action and drew two charges on defense to create turnovers.  He is well on his way to his second solid game off the bench in a row.  As expected UC Irvine did a great job rebounding in the first half.  Griffin has 3 fouls already, Colimon has 2, the Eagles will need both of those guys to play clean the rest of the way.

Coach Hayford has to feel good about going into the half with a lead for the first time since January 28th vs Montana State.  The Eagles lead 44-42 at the half.