Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sacramento State Hornets @ EWU Eagles Halftime Report

Whew, made it to half time.  The first half was not pleasant to watch.  The Eagles go into the half down 40-21.  Cold shooting from the field; from beyond the arc and from the free throw line.  Collin Chiverton was sent to the locker room early for arguing with the officials and complaining to Coach Hayford.

Here are my notes from the first half:

“Eagles came out flat and mistake prone..., did they sleep?
Sloppy sloppy sloppy
Eagles are shooting horribly
This game is what EWU games will all look like if they don’t hit their free throws”

I have no idea what Coach Hayford needs to do to get his players heads in the game, but he better work some magic otherwise this is going to be a long long night for the Eagles.