Saturday, February 11, 2012

EWU trails Weber State 41-30 at the half

The Eagles came out rushing all around the court and it looked like Weber State would run away from them early.  A change of pace, through tight high pressure defense and a patient penetrating inside out offense turned the game around momentarily, but Damian Lillard came alive with about 6 minutes to go in the half which seemed to unsettle the Eagles.  Parker Kelly showed his moxy on offense hitting 2 of 3 from three point range, but also showed his freshman (lack of) savvy as he was beaten around the corner a couple of times defensively.

Collin Chiverton went 1-6 shooting including 1-5 from 3 point range.  Cliff Colimon got a pair of fouls and spend the last few minutes of the half on the bench.  Jordan Hickert hit a 3 pointer and had an offensive rebound off the bench, but closed the half with an ugly intentional foul.

Ultimately the Eagles were outplayed in the first half and dramatically.  They looked to make a game out of it when Coach Hayford got them to slow the game down offensively.  The patient offense set up good shots and allowed them to get into good position on defense.  When the Eagles got unsettled they rushed on offense and were out of position on defense.  Coach Hayford was pretty unsettled by the end of the half as well arguing with the officials to the point he nearly drew a technical foul.

The Eagles and their coach need to take a breather and slow it down for the second half if they hope to overcome the 41-30 point deficit.