Thursday, February 2, 2012

EWU Eagles @ NAU Lumberjacks Halftime Report

The Eagles played a sloppy first half.  They showed some brilliant flashes especially Cliff Colimon’s (#11) dribble penetration forcing  a couple of fouls and giving himself some wide open looks.  The shooting was cold then hot then cold then hot and so on.

Tremayne Johnson (#20) epitomized the half, making a fantastic steal and then trying a one handed spinning dunk, which he missed and gave NAU and easy lay up on the other side.

Defensively the Eagles showed huge vulnerability on defense.  First the would not show backside support, most pressing a play in which Parker Kelly (#10) crashed high and Tremayne Johnson (#20) didn’t step in close enough on the back side to allow a wide open lay in.  Then they’d crash down in support too hard leaving wide open players.

The Eagles again hit a good percentage of their free throws to keep the game close.  

For the Lumberjacks, James Douglas (#1) has amazing touch when shooting the ball and Durell Norman (#34) did a great job with the dribble penetration, but got himself into foul trouble with 3 before the half.  The Lumberjacks closed the half with a 2.7 second inbounds play that went the length of the court for a dunk to go into the half up 32 to 29.

I expect Coach Hayford will try to slow the game down a bit in the second half.  Try to get his team to play with a little more discipline and prevent some of the wide open looks.  Additionally the Eagles will need to get more off the glass as the Lumberjacks won the battle for the boards in the first half.