Tuesday, February 21, 2012

EWU Eagle Links for Tuesday Morning

Coach Hayford hopes to see more
high effort defense down the stretch
photo from goeags.com
Good Morning Eagle Fans!  Of course I’ll start with my obligatory plea to all of you to head over to our community links page and share what you’ve been reading: http://bit.ly/y1T5Uf.  While we are waiting for that, lets take a laser-sighted, light-speed tour of the web on a light news day for Eagles Basketball:

goeags.com looks ahead to the final three games of the season and the Eagles hopes for a berth in the Big Sky Conference tournament.  “I know that if we win all three of those games we will be in a very good position,” said Head Coach Jim Hayford. “If we win two of those games we will be in the postseason and if we win one of the three we will probably still be in the playoffs.”

Troy Machir of beyondthearc.nbcsports.com takes us on a tour of the broader NCAA D1 basketball landscape including a humorous look at one of the other D1 programs in Eastern Washington, “- This is hilarious. Washington State’s Reggie Moore is a world-class starer.”

ewureview.com has their stats laden recap posted, along with the always worth a glance StatSmack, “At least you keep showing up. Eastern Washington has an average margin of victory of 15 over UC Irvine in 3 wins since 1986.”

Of course, please do read my game review of Saturday’s BracketBuster matchup and when you’re done with that go back and re-read the recap of Wednesday nights thrilling comeback win.  

All read up on last week’s Eagles games?  Good now its time to tell me who is this week’s EWU Eagle Eye Player of the Week