Thursday, February 16, 2012

EWU Eagle Links for Thursday Afternoon

Welcome Eagle Fans, I was on call this morning for work and the phone lines exploded on me, so forgive me for being delayed with this morning’s links.  As always visit out community links page with anything you find:

Cliff Colimon drives to the hoop
phto from
The Spokesman Review offers a recap of what was a thrilling game,“I love my team, but we sure are schizophrenic,” said head coach Jim Hayford.

Jon at offers his thoughts on Northern Colorado losing a heart-breaker last night and likely losing out on a post season bid.

The has a brief recap of last night’s games, “Portland State and Eastern Washington moved closer to clinching spots,” with victories last night. celebrates a gritty comeback spearheaded by Cliff Colimon (#11), "We asked Colimon to be an attacking point guard and that’s as close as you come to a triple double," said Hayford. "What a great night for him."

That’s all I’ve got for now, but check back tonight for my review of the game and more.