Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome to the Eagle Eye

Thanks for stopping by, I grew up in Eastern Washington attended EWU before joining the US Navy and ultimately moving halfway across the country to Austin, TX.  I've always enjoyed watching the NCAA tournament each year, and I've even watched any Northwest teams games that I found televised here in Austin in recent years.  This week I discovered two very intriguing things: 1) EWU has reached an agreement to broadcast all of their basketball games online & 2) EWU has a brand new coach with a good record of producing winning college basketball programs with high quality student athletes. This is the brand of sports that I think all of us want to see: good athletes playing lights out basketball, while also being good student citizens!

When I realized these things I decided to make a concerted effort to follow the Eagles Basketball team with zeal.  I scoured Google, surely there were blogs and radio shows galore that would be talking all things Eagle's BBall right?  Eh, not so much.  I've found some tertiary material usually wrapped around other teams the Eagles have encountered.  Take for instance the team home page for the EWU Eagles.  Want to know what is in the team report?

A glowing appraisal of Montana State junior guard Christian Moon...

How about ESPN?  They've got to have plenty of info on our beloved Eagles right?  Not so much, despite two games this year already ESPN has this to say: "There is no news available."

Yikes!  We have a distinct lack of coverage on this team!  Hopefully I can help fill some of this gap by bringing an enthusiastic view of Eagle's Basketball to the blogosphere.  Admittedly I am no expert in Basketball, I last played organized ball in 7th grade for the JV squad at Bowdish Junior High.  I did discover a love for playing with the Navy, few games adapt as readily to the confines of a destroyer's flight deck as basketball.

I come to this blog with few pre-conceptions, but I hope you'll watch and learn along with me.  I know enough about the terminology and some of the more basic strategies that I should be able to at least provide meaningful discussion about the games.

So if you've survived this first posting, come on back for the second and let me know what you've seen, what you're hoping for and how you see this Eagles season shaking out.  

Take care and always, Go Eags!