Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Morning EWU Eagles Links

The morning after another disappointing finish to an otherwise exciting game, lets take a spin around the internet to find out what folks are saying about the game.

Jon at bigskybball.com put together a quick review of the weekends action in the Big Sky including the thrilling finishes to three of the four games.

Brandon at eaglespov.com offers a solid review of last nights non-conference defeat, citing the Redhawks remarkable success shooting as a big key to the Redhawks victory.  

goseattleu.com offers this recap highlighting the Redhawks dominance across statistical categories, shooting percentage, free throws attempted (and made), and rebounds.

goeags.com offers their own recap focusing on the Eagles absolute inability to stop, slow or hamper the Redhawks attack and includes some good quotes from Coach Hayford like this one, “Making 13 threes in 40 attempts is a good night,” said Hayford. “I think 78 points was enough to win against Seattle. It just came down to our inability to defend.”

That’s it for now, but check back later for my review of the game.  As always GoEags!