Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Morning Eagles

Lets take a spin around the internet this morning and check out what we can find on the Eagles:

Jon of offers a quick recap of the Saturday’s game.  He points out the disparity in free throws between the teams and highlights the match up of Elliot Lloyd on Cliff Collimon as being a decisive one.

Head over to for another recap highlighting the big contributors for the Eagles and including some post game quotes from Coach Hayford.

A couple of good posts from Brandon of  One offers his thoughts on Collin Chiverton’s injury situation and the challenge facing Coach Hayford in determining how to use his star player.  Another piece profiles the Eagles season so far comparing and contrasting the stats from non-conference games with the 6 conference match ups so far.

The game review from provides a Bears spun recap of the game giving much credit to Chiverton’s technical in the final seconds for the Bears victory.

For a very statistical perspective on the game, head over to  The have some colorful graphics to aid in their telling the tale of the stats.

That’s it for now, but check back soon for the Big Sky Conference schedule of games for tonight and don’t forget to get signed up to watch the Eagles take on Seattle University here.